Nefeli Dimitriadi – Founder / Exec. Producer – Director

Nefeli Dimitriadi is a virtual/ augmented/ mixed reality artist and director. She is currently an Assistant Professor of “Virtual/ Augmented/ Mixed Reality and Cinema” in Film Department of School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Dr. Dimitriadi is entitled with a PhD inAesthetics, Science and Technology of Art (University of Paris 8, 2008), a Master Degree in Visual Arts(University of Paris 8, 2003) and a Diploma in Fine Arts (School of Fine Arts, University of Aristotle of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002). N. Dimitriadi has many years of experience in audiovisual productions and virtual reality applications as Director of NOUS VR Ltd. (2012-2019) and is the coordinator of REACT “Virtual Reality Applications in Medical Rehabilitation” project implemented by the Medical School of UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, STRATIS Ltd and NOUS VR (2018-2021), funded by EU program Research-Create-Innovate. (

Nikitas Bacharas – Managing director / Exec. Art director

Nikitas Bacharas (Diploma of Sculpture of School of Fine Arts of Tinos and painting studies in Athens School of Fine Arts) is an established painter, sculptor & digital artist, whose artworks belong to the Frussiras Museum collection (Nikitas Bacharas) and other private collections in Greece & internationally with many important painting exhibitions in his CV (such as Alone, Alive exhibition at Mart gallery, Guerillas, and others). His knowledge and sensitivity to ancient Greek and byzantine culture and high level aesthetic values are transposed in the 3D virtual space in an innovative way (Art Directing of “VR Cyclades“, “Enter NEKYIA” game & game design of visual elements of NEKYIA).


NOUS VR maintains a solid collaboration network composed by teams of talented developers, lead-programmers, game-developers, 3D artists, audio-engineers, composers and visual artists..