“Enter NEKYIA”

Game by NOUS VR  Productions

Director – Game design: Nefeli Dimitriadi. Art director: Nikitas Bacharas

Game & Sound Programming by: ViRA http://www.vira.design

Enter NEKYIA Game is inspired by Pausanias’ description of Polygnotus’ fresco «Lesche of the Knidians» in Delphi, visualizing the map of NEKYA, 11th Rhapsody of Homer’s Odyssey where Ulysses descends to Hades, the world of the dead, in order to get direction about how to continue safely his journey to finally arrive at Ithaca, by Tiresias, the mythical priest.

The Game is about the entrance of Odysseus, traveling on his trireme, in Hades. Odysseus carries on his trireme pots and lambs, meant to be used in the specific entrance in Hades ritual.

In Enter NEKYIA, the player is Odysseus and his goal is to safely navigate through Acheron river and reach the entrance to Hades, securing his cargo, necessary for the ritual, avoiding fatal crashes as well as the mythical Eurunomos.

Enter NEKYIA is designed to be a visually inspiring experience of discovering elements of ancient scenery faithful to the archaeological findings, as well as an intriguing adventure game.