The word “virtual” from the latin “virtus” (virtue, power) signifies what exists as a potential in the real, in other words a reality incorporating all the necessary conditions for its realization.

Virtual Reality is the term broadly used to define computer generated three-dimensional real-time interactive environments in which one can emerge.

Usually Virtual Reality is simulating the physical reality, either in a conventional way (for educational, training and other purposes), or in a non-convetional creative way (for artistic and entertainment purposes).

The full emergence experience in VR environments is achieved with the use of VR interfaces such as VR casks (like Oculus Rift).

oculusDuring the last decade Virtual Reality environments are widely used in more and more areas, domains and applications, in education, training, research, science, advertisement, tourism promotion, culture, entertainment and arts.

NOUS responds to the Virtual Reality challenges in a creative way, developing new innovative content ideas, elaborate interactive narrative in order to engage the audience in enticing multi-scenarios of interaction and discovery, as well as unique virtual aesthetics proposal as regards the three-dimensional graphic environment.

NOUS undertakes the production of the following Virtual Reality & 3D Environments:

  • artistic,
  • educational,
  • 3D games,
  • interactive storytelling,
  • VR Tours
  • VR experiences
  • and VR installations.

NOUS Productions is mainly using UNITY 3D software for game development, as well as the Oculus Rift VR interface for emergence experience.