Audio-Visual media are nowadays used in almost all areas of human activities.

Companies more and more rely on AV media in order to promote their products, artists their work, organizations their activities, creating a need for quality promotional videos.

On the other hand, projects in EU or other programs framework, include as an important work package in their action plan dissemination videos, in order to disseminate their results.

Moreover, companies, organizations and individuals need to document events in a quality way, either events they organize or events in which they participate, such as conferences, shows, presentations, exhibitions or festivals.

NOUS responds to the above-mentioned needs, in order to produce in a cost-effective and timely manner, quality promotional and dissemination videos designed for multiple platforms, as well as in order to provide quality event coverage and video editing.

Documentaries on issues related to all aspects of human culture, from history to travel, to philosophy and contemporary lifestyle, as well as innovative uses of technologies for social and humanitarian purposes, are also a focus of NOUS, aiming to show in an honest and socially oriented way the multiple facets of human life.

NOUS undertakes the production of Audio-Visual media:

  • Promotional videos
  • Dissemination videos
  • Event coverage
  • Documentaries

NOUS takes on all stages of production, from creative development and story-boarding, up to filming, sound design and video editing, in multiple platforms and formats, including RED Epic Camera workflow.