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NOUS VR is a Virtual/Mixed Reality media production company founded in 2013, based in Athens, Greece, specializing in production of VR/AR/MR Applications, as well as 3D Games.

NOUS VR undertakes the design and production of:

  • VR/AR/MR applications promoting Culture and Tourism
  • 3D games (educational / adventure)
  • VR Tours
  • VR Experiences
  • VR installations
  • Medical VR/AR/MR applications

VR Tour application – 2017 – by NOUS VR 

“Enter NEKYIA” 3D Game by NOUS VR  – 2016

NOUS VR – coordinator of “Virtual Reality applications in Medical Rehabilitation” REACT research project in collaboration with School of Medicine of National Kapodistrian University of Athens (2018-2021) funded by “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE” program.

NOUS VR at Οnassis Cultural Centre Athens  – scientific supervision and technical support of the Virtual Reality weekend organized by “The Flix it at STEGI” which included a VR show of a selection of VR movies presented at 74TH VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – Biennale Cinema 2017

Discussion at Οnassis Cultural Centre Athens between Dr. Nefeli Dimitriadi, CEO of NOUS VR, and Yorgos Frentzos, Cinematographer, about the relation between VR and Cinematography (2017).

Workshop at STEGI for making Google Cardboard VR casks in collaboration with ViRA, which took place at Οnassis Cultural Centre Athens (2017).


VR for Culture

NOUS VR promotes Culture via the production of virtual tours of unique locations of cultural heritage,and virtual experiences with high artistic value.

NOUS VR holds a unique approach focused on quality and innovation, proposing:

  1. quality 3D aesthetics, creating visually interesting artistic VR environments with respect to the historical context and the relevant archeological findings,
  2. innovative interactive narrative mechanisms with “out of the box” storytelling leading to multiple personalized storylines, and
  3. educational added value integration, by treating themes deriving from cultural heritage so that player gets to learn about actual historical context whilst playing.






“Enter NEKYIA”

Game by NOUS VR  Productions

Director – Game design: Nefeli Dimitriadi. Art director: Nikitas Bacharas

Game & Sound Programming by: ViRA

Enter NEKYIA Game is inspired by Pausanias’ description of Polygnotus’ fresco «Lesche of the Knidians» in Delphi, visualizing the map of NEKYA, 11th Rhapsody of Homer’s Odyssey where Ulysses descends to Hades, the world of the dead, in order to get direction about how to continue safely his journey to finally arrive at Ithaca, by Tiresias, the mythical priest.

The Game is about the entrance of Odysseus, traveling on his trireme, in Hades. Odysseus carries on his trireme pots and lambs, meant to be used in the specific entrance in Hades ritual.

In Enter NEKYIA, the player is Odysseus and his goal is to safely navigate through Acheron river and reach the entrance to Hades, securing his cargo, necessary for the ritual, avoiding fatal crashes as well as the mythical Eurunomos.

Enter NEKYIA is designed to be a visually inspiring experience of discovering elements of ancient scenery faithful to the archaeological findings, as well as an intriguing adventure game.


VR for Health

VR/AR is used in medical, tele-medical and health applications aiming to educate, enhance and contribute to patients medical rehabilitation processes and health improvement.

NOUS VR Productions – Innovative Social Solutions Ltd. is  partner and coordinator of “Virtual Reality applications in Medical Rehabilitation”  REACT research project in collaboration with School of Medicine of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens , Scientific Coordinator of the project (2018-2021) funded by “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE” program, Intervention II “Business partnerships with research organizations”, Single Action State Aid for Research, Technological Development & Innovation.


Who we are


Nefeli Dimitriadi – Founder / Exec. Producer – Director

Nefeli Dimitriadi is a virtual/ augmented/ mixed reality artist and director. She is currently an Assistant Professor of “Virtual/ Augmented/ Mixed Reality and Cinema” in Film Department of School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Dr. Dimitriadi is entitled with a PhD inAesthetics, Science and Technology of Art (University of Paris 8, 2008), a Master Degree in Visual Arts(University of Paris 8, 2003) and a Diploma in Fine Arts (School of Fine Arts, University of Aristotle of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2002). N. Dimitriadi has many years of experience in audiovisual productions and virtual reality applications as Director of NOUS VR Ltd. (2012-2019) and is the coordinator of REACT “Virtual Reality Applications in Medical Rehabilitation” project implemented by the Medical School of UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, STRATIS Ltd and NOUS VR (2018-2021), funded by EU program Research-Create-Innovate. (

Nikitas Bacharas – Managing director / Exec. Art director

Nikitas Bacharas (Diploma of Sculpture of School of Fine Arts of Tinos and painting studies in Athens School of Fine Arts) is an established painter, sculptor & digital artist, whose artworks belong to the Frussiras Museum collection (Nikitas Bacharas) and other private collections in Greece & internationally with many important painting exhibitions in his CV (such as Alone, Alive exhibition at Mart gallery, Guerillas, and others). His knowledge and sensitivity to ancient Greek and byzantine culture and high level aesthetic values are transposed in the 3D virtual space in an innovative way (Art Directing of “VR Cyclades“, “Enter NEKYIA” game & game design of visual elements of NEKYIA).



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2DSC08101-1024x684.jpg Manos Dimitrakis – Visual  / mixed-media artist

Manos Dimitrakis is an interdisciplinary artist and educator.  He holds a Master in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He also studied Visual & Applied Arts with distinction at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and as an exchange student at York University, Canada and at the School of Fine Arts Hamburg (HfBK), Germany. He also holds a degree from Athens University of Economic & Business at International & European Economics.
His work includes compositional solutions in a variety of mediums such as video installation, film, painting, printmaking, fiber, fashion, writing and photography. He has an international exhibition record from solo shows, group, and on-line exhibitions.  (

Katia Ventouri – Game Programmer

NOUS VR maintains a solid collaboration network composed by teams of talented developers, lead-programmers, game-developers, 3D artists, audio-engineers, composers and visual artists..



Feel FREE to contact us for Collaborations, Products, Services, Equipment Rental, Technical Support or to SHARE your questions, experiences and insights about the exiting realm of VR  !NOUS

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